Meditation Resources

Fairfield County Resources
Alex Nason
, Stamford, CT ( Trained in many different styles of meditation – find the right one for you!. Always happy to provide free consultation regarding meditation and mindfulness. Send Alex an email.

Healthy Happy Holy Organization (3HO) Kundalini (Yogi Bhajan)

Beth Leas

Transcendental Meditation (Norwalk CT):
Redding Meditation Society, (Redding, CT) – – A serene, contemplative space and property for the practice of insight meditation.
Self-Realization Fellowship – Swami Yogananda
Shambhala Center (New Haven CT)
Twining Vines Sangha, (Old Greenwich, CT) –

NOTE: YOGA STUDIO MEDITATION OFFERINGS: Most of the yoga studios also provide meditation classes and/or workshops.


FREE ProMindful™ Audio files:

Deep Relaxation with Gong at Kaia Yoga 2014
Gong and Bowl recordings by Alex Nason on Soundcloud
10 Minute Meditation by Bhante Wimala
2 hour Meditation and Dharma by Bhante Wimala (Dew Yoga March 2013)
Qi Gong Meditation by Melinda Lo
o (20 mins)
 Eye Gazing Meditation by Melinda Loo (20 minutes)
Introduction to Feldenkrais by Lisa Shufro (30 minutes)
Wonderful Blessing By Bhante Wimala (2 minutes)
Meditation and talk at Blackbird Yoga by Bhante Wimala (One hour and 20 minutes)
Samadhi Chanting by Bhante Wimala 2013 (14 minutes)

4 HOURS of ULTRA DEEP RELAXATION. Binaural (432Hz Music) Theta Wave(must wear stereo headphones to work)

Yoga Nidra For Sleep


Earthstar Academy: (Starseeds!)

3HO (Healthy Happy Holy – Kundalini Meditations) – vast online resource for yoga and meditation.
Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare & Society
CenterPointe HoloSync – Arguably the quickest way to balance the mind and activate holistic consciousness.
Eckhart Tolle – Learning how your mind works, about your mental constructs, about your thought forms.
Free Meditation Dot Com – Sahaja Meditation (H.H. Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi)
Free Meditations
How To Meditate Dot Org
Nadlandabodhi Gateway to the Buddhist Science of Mind
The Center for the Contemplative Mind
Trancendental Meditation
Triple Gem Society: – Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka
Mindfulness in Schools – Excellent resource for K-12 educators
Vipassana Meditation:
WiKiHow to meditate

iPHONE / ANDROID APPS (if the links below don’t take you to the APP page – search your APP APP!

Insight Timer – The #1 Meditation App
Kundalini Mobile
Sahaja Yoga
Relax M.P.
Simply Being
Daily Words
Be Here Now


Earthstar Academy:

Art Of Living Retreat Center, Boone, NC
Esalen Institute (CA)
Karma Choling (VT)
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (MA)
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
 (Rhinebeck, NY, Costa Rica,
Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Guanacaste, CR
Shambhala Mountain Center (CO)
Spirit Rock MeditationCenter
Upaya Zen Center (NM)

YouTube Channels:

Eckhart Tolle

Looking for a mindful contemplative space to go “day trip”
or “weekend” near Fairfield County? Have a look at:

Chuang Yen Monastery – Carmel NY
The Omega Institute For Holistic Studies – Rhinebeck NY
Redding CT Center For Meditation – Redding NY
New Haven Shambhala Center
Devil’s Den Nature Preserve – Weston / Redding CT
Mianus River Gorge – Stamford CT
Connecticut Retreat Centers
Sticks And Stones Farm – Newtown CT
Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center – East Hartford
Hammonasset State Beach Park – Madison CT
Danbury CT Parks
Kent Falls State Park – Kent CT
Steep Rock Reservation Washington CT
White Memorial Preserve, Litchfield, CT
Huntington State Park, Bethel, CT
Appalachian Trail, Kent, CT
Innisfree Garden – Millbrook NY
Copper Beech Institute – West Hartford

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