Here is a small sample of what our beneficiaries have experienced due to your generosity:

“I have learned to pause and not react, to stop and take my time to respond in an appropriate manner…to be as present as much as I can. This calmness, in turn, has had a miraculous affect on my relationship with my 15 year-old daughter.  We have bonded in ways I never thought possible.” – T.V. – MBSR Scholarship

“I was able to get off a medication that I didn’t want to be on anymore. Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have for giving me this highly beneficial class.” – M.S. – MBSR Scholarship

“ProMindful helped us start Yoga for All Cooperative and supports our work to this day.   Mindfulness related offerings help create a strong foundation of compassion, resilience, wellbeing and hope in the community.  ProMindful is helping us all shift to a new paradigm of peace and prosperity of the soul.” – Jacquie Le Meur – Yoga For All Instructor

“I was not expecting such generous outpouring  — for which I truly am grateful. Wow. My faith in God and humanity is skyrocketing. I needed this assistance, and you provided it. What more can I say, but thank you and bless you!” -N.R. – SomaSoul Scholarship

“ProMindful has been sponsoring FREE Restorative Yoga Workshops for several years now…the generosity, loving kindness and compassion of ProMindful to allow this healing work to be shared with hundreds of people is priceless! Much gratitude to ProMindful for walking the walk and talking the talk of mindfulness in action.” C.S.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wealth of knowledge and for sharing it through ProMindful. I have had the opportunity to attend some of your workshops and they have given me great information. Keep them coming!” – A.E.

“With all the noise and misinformation in the media it’s great to have a site I can trust. I visit ProMindful on Facebook regularly for inspiration, news, recipes and local events that promote wellness. ProMindful is a great source to find local education events promoting wellness and mindfulness. It is especially helpful to those who want to start living a healthier life.”  – M.E

“Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe is happy to have connected with ProMindful. Besides serving juices, smoothies and awesome food we take pride in offering educational events that support the community.  ProMindful has allowed us to create events that otherwise would not have been possible organize. Having ProMindful to collaborate with is priceless for Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe and the community!” – G.C. & L.S.

“I am glad to be writing to express my appreciation to my friend and co-founder of Pro-Mindful, Alex Nason. Pro-Mindful is a gift to the healing community and community at large. I am so grateful to Pro-Mindful and Alex for introducing me years ago to a very special Buddhist Monk, Bhante Wimala, who continues to be a very significant teacher and friend in my life. I did a concert to support Bhante Wimala’s humanitarian causes and Pro-Mindful doubled what we made that night giving us the ability to build 14 homes for Sri Laken refugees!!!I notice many programs in our area are sponsored by Pro-Mindful that interest me and help others as well. I love the sense of community Pro-Mindful brings with programs, grants, scholarships, a free sharing library of wonderful books, and a great website. I am grateful to Alex & Jamie for all they do!!!!” – F.F.

“The folks at ProMindful are smart, thoughtful and compassionate – a potent combination. ProMindful has played a critical role of support in getting the Yoga For All Cooperative off the ground and running well. Their support of and belief in the good work being done in our community has a huge ripple effect. Thank you ProMindful!” ~ L.L.

“ProMindful is an organization with a great mission, supporting wellness, holistic health, and mindfulness in Connecticut and beyond.  They are working to raise consciousness and change minds while giving people the opportunities to attend classes, take courses, deal with life-threatening illnesses, enhance well-being, and much more.  I am at Syracuse University, one recipient of ProMindful grants.  Our campus has benefited greatly, with students, staff and faculty finding that meditation, yoga, holistic health information, and more has changed their lives.  Thank you!”  – B.H.S.

“The scholarships you have provided to participants in the mindfulness program have made an enormous difference in their lives.  They have not only lowered their stress levels but felt supported when they needed it most.” – J.A.

“As a Practitioner of a healing art, I am filled with gratitude for the continuous support that ProMindful has offered our African drum programs. Through the generous support of ProMindful, OBey Foundation has provided free drum classes, drum circles, drum making workshops, and performances for youth and adults throughout Connecticut. We are honored to have partnered with ProMindful over these past years to bring empowering tools for healing through drumming.  Thank you ProMindful! Much Success in all of your future endeavors!” – K.B.

“I didn’t know there were such easy ways to reduce stress before Alex and ProMindful! He showed us such simple things we can do and it’s made a world of difference in what can sometimes be a chaotic work environment! Now we can do our jobs, even better!” D.S.

“ProMindful has been a huge help both in my personal spiritual growth and the growth of my yoga studios in Greenwich and Westport.  ProMindful has stepped in on several occasions helping to make study opportunities for me possible and events for the public come to fruition from there generous support.  We are very lucky to have a non profit out there to support spiritual growth in our community!” G.N.


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